Potential Contribution of a European Public Prosecutor

The establishment of a European Public Prosecutor (eppo) is a controversial and politically sensitive issue. Despite the presentation of a Regulation Proposal on the eppo 17 July 2013 there are still many eu Member States, scholars and citizens that continue questioning the very existence of a supranational prosecuting authority. The aim of this article is to analyse whether the 2013 proposal of the eu Commission for a Regulation on the eppo may contribute to overcoming the present problems detected in the fight against crimes detrimental to the financial interests of the eu. This article focuses on the potential contribution of the eppo, based on empirical data, but this does not mean that the pitfalls and perils that entail the establishment of an eppo should be disregarded. Lees verder:

Het volledige artikel is enkel te raadplegen met een abonnement op het European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice.


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