Cloaking White-Collar Crime in Hong Kong's Property Sector

Hong Kong's anti-corruption agency, ICAC, is hailed as among the world's best having almost completely purged systemic corruption within a decade of its inception. This book explains how Hong Kong maintains the myth of a clean city and examines the prevalence of white?collar crime in the city's property sector.

Praktische Informatie

Table of contents

  1. Introduction: White-Collar Crime — Where Is It?
  2. No Smoking Gun: Methodology in the Uncovering of White-Collar Crime
  3. Against White-Collar Crime
  4. Here We Go Again: What Is White-Collar Crime?
  5. Hong Kong’s Surreal Estate: Hong Kong and Its Property Sector
  6. Tokyo Connection: Comparative Insights for Hong Kong from Japanocentric Crime Theories
  7. Hong Kong, Power, and White-Collar Crime Discourse


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