Leestip: International Criminal Investigations

International Criminal Investigations: Law & Practice is the first of its kind – a resource book on selected topics assessing more than twenty years of international criminal investigations, while addressing the practicalities and challenges of such investigations. 

It explores, from the perspective of expert practitioners, a thematic approach to important issues such as investigative strategies, planning and interview techniques for specific witnesses, financial investigations, while incorporating the personal experiences of those who have served as pioneers in this field. A necessary addition to the literature on international criminal law in practice, this volume meaningfully contributes to increased knowledge of the science and art involved in international criminal investigations.


Praktische informatie

  • Auteurs: Akingbolahan Andeniran, Aimée Comrie, Adejoké Babington-Asahye
  • Prijs: €95,00
  • Aantal pagina's 342
  • Uitgever Eleven International Publishing
  • Druk 1
  • Verschijningsdatum 14-12-2017
  • ISBN 9789462367791


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