Conference on the Establishment of a European Public Prosecutor’s Office

‘Criminal law protection of the European Union’s financial interests: a shared constitutional responsibility of the EU and its Member States?’

The Lisbon Treaty (Article 86 TFEU) provides that the Union may establish a European Public Prosecution Office (EPPO). The EPPO purports to be a new instrument to help combat crimes affecting the financial interests of the Union. The creation of an EPPO could mark a step in the direction of a Union bestowed with the exercise of criminal law competences. Such initiative raises many constitutional, institutional and legal questions. The Commission has proposed to establish a European Public Prosecution Office (EPPO). (Press Release European Commission 17/07/2013)

Though, over time many meetings have been held, dealing wholly or in part with aspects of a possible EPPO, this conference purports to be the first addressing the proposals of Commission itself.

The main objective of this conference will be to provide in close conjunction with practitioners and officials an academic assessment of these proposals. To that end a selection of the issues arising from the proposals of the Commission will be discussed.

Legal experts from the international academia, officials from the relevant ministries and prosecution authorities of the Member States and of the European Union’s institutions involved in policy making and legislation regarding this specific issue as well as legal practitioners will be invited to participate in this one day conference.

Event details

Date: 6 September 2013 Organizer: T.M.C. Asser Instituut Starts at: 9.00 Event type: Conference Fee: Regular € 175,- / (Phd) Student € 75,-


Venue: T.M.C. Asser Instituut R.J. Schimmeplennincklaan 20-22 The Hague

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