Omvangrijk EU-onderzoek naar financiering georganiseerde criminaliteit

The report Financing of Organised Crime contributes to a better understanding of the financial aspects of organised crime. The analysis explores topics such as the sources and mechanisms for financing organised crime (such as VAT fraud), settlement of payments, access to financing in critical moments, costs of business and the management of profits. Drawing on the results of the analysis, the report also suggests possible new approaches to tackling organised crime. The report has been produced with the joint efforts of the Center for the Study of Democracy, the University of Trento and Teesside University and in close collaboration with the State Agency National Security in Bulgaria, the State Police in Latvia and the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice.

Table of contents

  1. Cocaïne trafficking in the EU: commonalities in financing
  2. Illicit Tobacco trade in the EU: the finances of a fragmented business
  3. Organised VAT fraud in the EU: mixing the money flows
  4. National criminal markets and finances: cocaïne trafficking
  5. National criminal markets and finances: illicit Tobacco trade
  6. National criminal markets and finances: VAT fraud
  7. Policy responses and implications


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