GRECO publishes its annual report: Progress needed in preventing corruption in respect of MP´s, judges and prosecutors

The Chair of the Council of Europe´s anti-corruption body GRECO, Marin Mrčela, has stressed the need for mobilising policy-makers to address the shortcomings identified in the prevention of corruption prevention in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors.

In its annual report, published today, GRECO offers an overview of the impact of its recommendations concerning the legislation, practices and institutional framework in the states it evaluated in 2015.

By the end of 2015, GRECO had adopted 34 evaluation reports concerning the prevention of corruption in respect of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors. “States are making progress, but there is still a certain urgency to regulate conflicts of interest and to ensure the stability and clarity of anti-corruption legislation in respect of these professional groups. Regulating MPs’ contact with third parties, notably lobbyists, should also be given a high priority”, said GRECO´s chairman.

“National authorities are often too slow to implement GRECO´s recommendations. Creating rules and regulations is not enough. They are of little value if they are not implemented in practice in a vigorous way”, he added.

In 2015, GRECO adopted 21 compliance reports concerning the criminalisation of corruption and the transparency of political funding. The latter continues to be an area of concern despite regular progress by member states to implement pending recommendations.

During 2016 GRECO is preparing its 5th evaluation round, to be launched in 2017, which will be devoted to preventing corruption and promoting integrity in central governments – top executive functions in particular – and law enforcement agencies.

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