Bulgaria Presents New Anti-Graft Draft Law before European Envoys

Bulgaria’s new anti-corruption draft law now before Parliament is more stringent than the version presented last year, Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva has told envoys of the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Kuneva, who is Deputy Prime Minister in charge of coordination of EU policies and institutional affairs, discussed with the foreign ambassadors details of a new draft law on preventing high-level corruption and forfeiture of property connected to illegal activity.

The discussion focused on the proposed mechanism for the government seizure of assets acquired through illegal activities, the protection of whistleblowers and guarantees for the independence of the planned anti-corruption bureau, according to the statement.

The regional development committee in parliament is expected to discuss the draft bill on first reading later on Thursday. The draft has also to clear three other committees – on legal affairs, budget and anti-corruption before it is put to the vote in the chamber.

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